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Our mission is to help people by obtaining fair and just compensation for injuries and losses suffered due to wrongful or negligent conduct of another. Because insurance companies and corporations rarely provide fair and just compensation on their own, we encourage them through negotiation and litigation to do what they should be doing on their own. This requires experience, skill, agression, and often litigation and trial. Our goal is to put our clients into the position they would have been in without the trajedy of injury.  Before our accident lawyer accepts a case, we carefully scrutinize it to make sure that the harms, losses and injury were the fault of another, and that the damages caused are real and meaningful.  We are not a mill, run by paralegals or inexperienced attorneys. Every case selected will be personally handled by Attorney Rojas from beginning to end.





What Money Can Do
Unfortunately, we can not turn back the hands of time after a car accident or other injury.  The only thing the law provides in terms of making a person whole is money compensation.  Money, while not a perfect cure, is the best cure available. A jury's verdict helps pay for necessary or unpaid medical bills.  It helps defray the pain of lost wages.  It helps pay for homecare when necessary. Monetary compensation also seeks to make a person whole for the most important harm of all, human harms.  These harms include pain and suffering, loss of life activities, and permanent disability. 

10% Back to Charitable Causes; "Helping People"

We are a successful firm, and we are grateful to our clients and our community that has made this success possible.  Because helping people is the integral mission of our firm, we believe that sharing our success with those who need our help most is a necessary part of our mission and law firm philosophy.  Therefore, we pledge that we will donate 10% of our legal fee from any verdicts obtained to charitable causes. 

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